i had been numb for i don't know how many weeks, no feelings left for anyone or anything...

Angela looked like a perfect work of sculpted bone china, everything i thought beautiful in the world had in angela reached a single point of infinity

the real problem the established order has is with the fact that you simply think thoughts that are not congruent with the mandate they’ve laid down for society.

fact is, you need an inner tenacity in order to love. but you see, something destroys us; what happens is that life weakens us and it weakens us and it weakens us and it weakens us, further and further, it beats you down mercilessly until finally you don't have the strength to love anyone or anything in this world any more


else's life ever touching his. but just one thing he thought about... if the past exists only in our mind then he'd come to the conclusion that the same must also be true of the present and therefore nothing matters anyway.

we are half way to the point of total annihilation