u.v.ray writes explosive stories for punks & outsiders in an era of ever increasing sterility. His work has appeared around the world & has drawn comparisons to Charles Bukowski, William Burroughs and Hubert Selby jnr. He drinks whisky & listens to the likes of Led Zeppelin, the Ramones & the MC5.





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Black Cradle


Murder Slim Press

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Spiral Out


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The Migrant


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We Are Glass

Short stories

Murder Slim Press

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death to-1

"Black Cradle is f***ing fantastic!"

"A solitary voice in the UK at the moment in his ability to document the lives of the dispossessed drug addicted underclass"

"Jewels of tragedy, comedy, cruelty, heroism, tenderness, darkness, grit and futility"

"Unsparing, brave and laced with pathos and truth. He's one of the more vivid voices shouting from the sidelines today"

"Existentialism at its most hardcore"

"Birmingham's answer to Dostoyevsky"

"Black Cradle is for the reader longing for the literary equivalent of a roundhouse kick to the temple"

"Intense and disturbing"

"It is a dose of reality sadly lacking from the majority of syncopated sociologists posing as writers."


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"Black Cradle is pure adrenaline"


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